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Why Consider IT Staff Augmentation?

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The COVID-19 pandemic triggered a massive migration away from the traditional workplace and workforce, and gives us the opportunity to think about business strategy in innovative ways. Managing an internal team can be challenging, not to mention the hours and money required to hire the right people, especially those with digital skills, actually the most in-demand skill set.

In this occasion, we will approach some of the main opportunities Staff Augmentation can offer companies to expand their operations with a flexible, efficient and profitable option to add talented people with the required expertise to their teams.

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We know that hiring full-time workers for short-term projects is a tough intensive task, one that often ends up costing companies significantly more in the long term, not to mention the risk associated with it. Or maybe a company needs to find a stack of professionals to complete their team, with skills that are rare to find locally. Faced with either of those needs, staff augmentation ensures that you are not limited to the local pool of experts and have access to a global wealth of talent, with the added benefit of flexible recruiting that brings the scalability component to the table.

Last but not least, something that is currently particularly challenging during these difficult times, is having to lay off employees, which negatively affects company morale and disturbs its atmosphere. Augmented staff, on the other hand, is well received by existing employees and often leads to a healthier work culture. 

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In the race to future-proof businesses, the time seems to be right to build on the pillars of resilience and adaptability. On the other hand, the turn towards a fully or partially virtual world is imminent and is here to stay. The challenge of adapting the platforms, services and products of each industry for the virtual world does not seem to have ended with the year 2020.

Many industries, not just those developing IT services or products, face or will face a lack of skilled software developers and the demands of their core business are unlikely to meet them. Here is where IT augmentation services can add value and bring the right talent to your organization, providing the speed and flexibility to scale quickly and complete development on time.

At DevRank we love building the relationship with our clients and being able to offer personalised services that adjust to the needs of each business. Therefore, when we provide a developer, a Project Manager will also be assigned acting as an administrative interface, ensuring that the relationship flows smoothly and the client achieves all of its goals. 

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Finally, we are taking a look at the last, and for many of our clients, the most important benefit that staff augmentation services can offer: the possibility of avoiding hiring and termination costs, as well as other costs associated with internal employees.

If hiring new, full-time employees isn’t within your budget, consider the flexibility, control, and cost-saving benefits of staff augmentation.

New technologies and programming languages enter the market every month, so tackling that challenge by hiring new people shouldn't be a costly, long, and cumbersome process.

Last but not least, tasks such as signing contracts, payroll and accounting are carried out by the service provider, so you have more time to focus on your company's core business.

Most of our new clients come from very bad experiences with other companies, paying low rates but obtaining poor results, with professionals who leave projects before they are finished and a lack of support from the company that offers those services.

Among a multitude of companies offering staff augmentation services in today's global market, at DevRank we stand out for our low turnover rate, increasing project health and deliverables without potential disruptions.

We would love to work together on your current technology requirements and take care of your team's scaling efforts, so you can enjoy your projects and achieve your business goals without compromising on quality. 

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