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3 Technologies Shaping Business Strategies in 2022

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Digital transformation has already created extensive changes in the business world. New and emerging technologies are helping businesses identify new market opportunities and create new digital alternatives. The changing nature of the competitive landscape is forcing companies to rethink their business strategies to remain competitive and relevant.

Here are the top 3 technologies that are shaping business strategies in 2022:

Clean technologies

With climate change and global emissions rising at an alarming rate, companies are transitioning towards cleaner fuels, resources, and technologies. Thanks to these innovations, companies are now able to create products, services, and processes that reduce the negative impact on the environment. Companies are also switching to renewable energy sources to lower pollution levels and reduce their carbon footprint. Clean technology is driving breakthroughs across industries like construction, manufacturing, and mobility by replacing energy-intensive products and processes and lowering the carbon footprint. In turn, it is also having a significant impact on the software industry. Customers are increasingly demanding energy-efficient hardware and software, and practices such as the reduction of data usage, green architectural design choices, and the monitoring of energy consumption are all being considered more frequently. Developing sustainable software requires green engineering practices to be taken into consideration at all stages of the development lifecycle.

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Cybersecurity mesh

Most companies shifted to remote work when the global pandemic struck. According to Gartner, this has created new attack surfaces for cybercriminals. A cybersecurity mesh protects computer networks by ensuring that there is multiple defense perimeter to safeguard the nodes within your networks. Cybersecurity mesh secures access points and ensures there are no recorded cases of data breaches. Doing so allows attacks to be detected in real-time. This is particularly useful to help protect microservice architectures, and companies that depend on data centers and the use of multi-cloud environments. Going forward, Cybersecurity mesh is likely to become a key security option to consider, incorporated into the early stages of architectural decision making.

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Data fabric

A data fabric is an architecture that offers a unified collection of databases, data assets, and database architecture within an enterprise. You can think of data fabric as a weave stretched over a large space. There are numerous sources of data, multiple locations, and types of methods to access that data. The data can be managed, processed, and stored as it moves through the data fabric. You can also share the data with internal and external applications for operational and analytical use. Data fabric can help improve customer engagement, optimize supply chains, and make your organization more compliant with data regulations. The approach is likely to be adopted more and more frequently, as it can help to improve data quality, simplify data governance and facilitate collecting data across many data sources.

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