COVID-19 Response

Business Continuity during the COVID19 Pandemic

As the post-pandemic landscape starts to arise, business leaders are working hard on recovery plans to ensure continuity. Recent data shows that at the beginning of the pandemic, the equivalent of 5 years progress in consumer and business digital adoption took place in a matter of 8 weeks time. This radical change in remote adoption and evolving customer needs is now leading (and demanding) a complete redesign of traditional business models.

In these fast-changing times, it is more important than ever for businesses to be agile and open to change, to be able to react quickly to whatever challenge is thrown at them and minimise disruptions. From one day to the next, both international and local measures can throw the best-made plans and operations off course.

More than ever, the health, safety and well-being of staff and clients should always be the highest priority. At DevRank we take this very seriously and along with our clients make sure that all staff have a suitable working environment. As a remote-friendly company, we have worked hard so that all of our staff are now equipped to work from home, where they are safest. Of course it is also important to rethink communication methods and find the best ways to keep staff informed and motivated, a big challenge of working with a distributed workforce.

Key to being able to offer uninterrupted service to clients is a robust continuity plan. We defined which processes are critical and had well thought-through plans in place, so that in the event of an emergency a core team made up of a representative from each business area can be assembled quickly, to analyse threats, take vital decisions and communicate them to staff. Scenario planning is also a good way to look at this, to prepare the company for the many possible issues that can arise and to be able to respond to them rapidly.

Diversification is also crucial to business survival. Industries with physical operations will need to take into account diversifying locations, to make sure that if one location is shut down they can still operate. It is also important to make sure knowledge and skills are shared within the company, so that if someone should fall ill or be quarantined, business operations do not have to be halted as only one person has those key details or abilities. We realized that now is the ideal time for working to create a fluid flow of knowledge within an organisation.

Customer needs were also re-evaluated, to make sure that the product or service a business offers is still relevant. With so much evolution in a short time frame, needs can change quickly and there are always new opportunities opening up to be considered. Collaboration can also be highly beneficial, it is worth analysing strategic partnerships to maximise efficiency and productivity and new alliances can help to keep a company as agile as possible.

As we move towards a definitive exit from this global crisis thanks to strategies such as vaccination, it is time for companies to seek and seize the opportunities that arise in recovery. It is essential to take the time to gather data and knowledge on the lessons learned from the pandemic, and then use it to prioritize actions to improve business value today and build strategic resilience for tomorrow. If there are deficiencies, companies we all want to identify root causes, whether it’s timeliness of action, lack of infrastructure, labor shortages, or external issues.

In addition, staff seek guidance from us, their employers, about their job expectations and the future of their projects. At DevRank we always try to address their concerns in an open and transparent way, which goes a long way toward engaging them and providing assurances in times where they are rarely found. We are proud to have been able to support our talent over this past year, at the same time keeping up to date with the needs of each of our customers. Clear and timely communications are especially necessary to reshape the business and ensure continuous support, helping guarantee the integrity of our teams and also solidifying the respect and effectiveness that characterizes us towards our clients.

We aim to support your mission and inspire solutions through our IT Staff Augmentation and Software Development Services. We use a cost-effective model, which is quick to implement and uses highly-skilled professionals, with full-time remote employees in the US, Central and South America, Eastern Europe and Asia. Our motto, "We'll help you see further" is especially suitable for these times: our global network of software engineers is fully operational, and we'll be there to support your business as a long term partner, through this time of recovery and regrowth. 

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