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Top Emerging Technologies in Quality Assurance

The World Wide Web is constantly growing and offering a magnitude of opportunities for businesses. However, it also brings new challenges that must be swiftly addressed. The pressure to continually provide the best products to customers can place a lot of stress on testing and quality assurance teams.

With more businesses understanding the importance of quality control, QA professionals are always on the lookout for the latest QA and testing technologies. Here are the top three emerging technology trends in quality assurance to look out for in 2022:

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1. Augmented Reality (AR)/ Virtual Reality (VR) Testing

Metaverse generated plenty of hype last year, and its popularity is still growing. Businesses and individuals are thrilled about the limitless opportunities metaverse can offer, and major companies are developing ways to partake in this technological evolution. As this happens, AR/VR testing is bound to be the next big thing in quality assurance and testing.

AR/VR testing will allow businesses to:

● Identify limitations and remove performance setbacks

● Discover issues in interface, logic and architecture design

● Test the quality of video and audio

● Ensure the seamless working of sensors, headsets, and other wearables

● Prevent hackers by setting appropriate security measures

● Offer inclusive and accessible products

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2. Test Automation

Test automation is crucial for the process of quality assurance and software testing. It offers cost-effective testing, quicker feedback cycles, and better test coverage. With improvements incorporating Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), test automation demand is increasing in 2022.

Utilizing test automation will enable businesses to:

● Use new development and technologies efficiently

● Decrease time and effort put into marketing

● Enhance capabilities of visual testing

● Quickly validate code changes

● Attain higher test efficiency

● Simplify maintenance for testing

● Eliminate repetitive tasks

● Provide easier and faster test creation and analysis

3. IoT Testing

IoT (Internet of things) is expanding rapidly and has impacted all industries and niches. Many businesses are already utilizing, or are in the process of using, IoT to establish improved solutions and offer unique products to their customers. IoT testing can assist companies in:

● Establishing and maintaining reliable IoT connection with cloud, sensors, and other devices

● Providing a unified experience to clients, while complying with global regulations and standards

● Ensuring the security of data from malware and other attacks

Businesses have been focusing more on improving the quality of their products, for which they depend on quality assurance professionals and technology. These trends from 2022 can help QA professionals attain better and quicker results. If you are interested in adding up-to-date QA expertise to your team, for the long term or for a specific project, please contact us at info@devrank.co

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